Questions Asked by the NYTimes

Maybe it’s just me, but many of the questions the New York Times poses in its headlines don’t seem all that compelling.  Consider whether the quality of your life depends on the answers to the following, all posed in its pages over the last month:

◊  Why Is It So Hard to Adapt Austen?

◊  No More Pet Store Puppies?

◊  Who Will Make Apple Fashionable Now?

◊  What Is Delaware’s Court of Chancery and Its Role in Elon Musk’s Twitter Deal?

Just to be fair, the New York Times also posed these more pressing questions:

I am glad I subscribe, if only to get answers to questions I never knew I should ask.

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1 Response to Questions Asked by the NYTimes

  1. Gavin Larsen says:

    “Is Pilates as Good as Everyone Says?” had been sitting open as one of my (many) to-read browser tabs for a few days now– thanks for reminding me to read it! Yes, that headline caught my eye, but not because it seemed trivial. It’s a question and topic that directly relates to my line of work, so to me, it sounds button–pushing and controversy-sparking. But when I did read it, nope… they don’t even attempt to answer the question!
    I hope some of these other articles delve deeper into their purported premises.

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