Every Property Brothers Episode Ever

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7 responses to Every Property Brothers Episode Ever

  1. Sue Collins says:

    Love it! I see you have watched too many HGTV episodes with me! XO

  2. Rob says:

    My sister and her husband were on an HGTV show many years ago doing a bathroom upgrade. Cost them a ton of money more than expected. Looks nice, though.

  3. Rick says:

    My cousin is a Hollywood producer who does those shows. All of them are fake to a degree she said. RV and home buying shows..they already bought it and play along when they look at the ones for sale. My other cousin was on it and had already foreclosed and left the home that the show showed her buying.

  4. Dorothy says:

    yes, the elephant is FULL of asbestos… and abatement is VERY scary and will be VERY expensive … I wonder how long we will have to hold our collective breath? Any guess as to who will be the highest bidder?

  5. Eric says:

    I sure am glad that I found nothing similar when I replaced the ancient light fixtures over the sinks in the bathrooms last year.

  6. Judi says:

    SO TRUE!!! Same scenario on Love it or List it.

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