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Poetry is dead,
          they said
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⊗  Are vegetarians allowed to speak Pig Latin?

⊕  Has Tom Cruise ever taken one?

⊗  Do stuffed olives experience phantom pit syndrome?

⊕  Would people buy air fresheners if they were advertised for their real purpose?

⊗  Does every lampshade secretly hope to be worn on someone’s head someday?

⊕  Why did the cheese have to stand alone?

⊗  Can anyone tell the difference between Nebraska and Kansas?

⊕  Is it remotely possible that some American men are not jerks?

⊗  Have they invented a pill to cure opulence?

⊕  Do beef cattle sense the irony of their own vegetarianism?

⊗  Are discouraging words heard on the range more often than we care to admit?

⊕  Wasn’t the singer Meat Loaf originally known as Veg E. Trey?

⊗  Don’t two wrongs almost always make a third wrong?

⊕  Can watching too much HGTV make you want to install shiplap?

⊗  Has Elvis been alive all this time, while all the rest of us are dead?

⊕  Did salt and pepper understand what their partnership deal was all about?

⊗  Do Elon Musk’s good friends call him E?  Or You’re Dead to Me?

⊕  Can woodchucks actually chuck wood or is this just a philosophical dead-end?

⊗  Is anything more satisfying than watching wrestling and eating a TV dinner?

⊕  Do UFOs really exist, or only the one that I’m on?

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