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There is no new post here — some incompetent underling in the edit room must have hit the wrong key.  I will have a word with him.  In the meantime, maxima mea culpa, and have a good weekend anyway.  – CHC

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Police Lie

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It seems like everything I do
   I get harassed to write a review...

How was your recent hotel stay?
   Was everything we did okay?
Hope you had a lovely dinner,
   Would you say our restaurant is a winner?

Did you enjoy your Post Office trip?
   Our survey website is on your slip!
The Amazon team would like to know,
   How would you rate your new gizmo?

We see you bought a mutual fund,
   Did we make the process fast and fun?
Enclosed is your insurance payment,
   What was it like to be our claimant?

When your doctor checked your cholesterol,
   Did she also ask, have you had a fall?
We want our customer service to shine --
    To tell us so, please stay on the line!

Answer a few questions to help us do better,
     or we'll have to send a reminder letter.
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