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ART @ CHC: Yellow

Just a short post to announce a new collection of photos (the theme is Yellow) added to my ART@CHC site — best viewed on something other than a phone.  Thanks all for checking in and may you have a healthy, peaceful week.

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We took a trip to New York City in early 2019, after which I assembled a set of photos and soundbites I captured during our visit.  I had intended to post these last year, but events transpired.  Publishing these now, post-George-Floyd and mid-pandemic, makes me feel like I’m burying and unearthing a time capsule at the same time.

• ⋅ •

Along East 57th Street

I love Milano!”

Are you in the fashion industry?”

Paley Park, East 53rd Street

Don’t worry, I’m not going to fall, I promise!”

Aquavit, A-Q-U-A-V-I-T.  It’s a famous place.  I think you would like it.”

Sax Fifth Avenue

You guys are in separate bedrooms?  Thank goodness for small favors!”

Oh, she’s never been away from him more than two days her whole life.”

Organ in St. Patrick Cathedral

The Italians have very, very small penises, ma’am.”

Other than my gifts to my assistants, what else is deductible?”

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More ART @ CHC

I am in the process of moving all the photo sets I have posted here to my other site, ART@CHC.  The most recent addition to that site is my New York City gallery, which has some of the photos originally posted here, as well as some new ones and a few very, very old ones.

I am also in the process of making ART@CHC more mobile-friendly as well.  If experience is any guide, that is going to take me a while.  In the meantime, all visits are appreciated.

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