Do Birds Dream?

And if so, what do they dream about?

Do they dream about flying?  That wouldn’t be so special — they do that all the time.

Do they build nests in their dreams, then take them apart and rebuild them, over and over, because they just can’t find the right twigs?

Do they dream they are flying around desperately looking for somewhere to poop?

Do they dream they are falling and they can’t move their wings?

Do cardinals have nightmares about swooping hawks?

Do owls have daydreams about fat chipmunks?

Do mockingbirds invent new songs in their sleep?

Do crows dream about pecking Alfred Hitchcock to death?

Do penguins dream about vacationing in Key West?

Do birds have dreams about losing their feathers and hopping around naked in public?

Do they ever dream about their beaks falling off?

Do they dream they have forgotten where they laid their eggs?

Do they dream about having sex outside of mating season?

Or, do they perchance dream of Shakespeare?

The owl, night’s herald, shrieks, ‘Tis very late;’
The sheep are gone to fold, birds to their nest,
And coal-black clouds that shadow heaven’s light
Do summon us to part and bid good night.
— from “Venus and Adonis”

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1 Response to Do Birds Dream?

  1. Kevin Miller says:

    I hate to ruin this lovely poetic musing with something so dumb as a definitive answer, but yep, science has answered this question!

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