Thoughts @ Large: 74

•  From now on, when I’m making out my grocery list and I need to buy half-and-half, I am just going to write down half.  Because I think I can remember the other half.

•  Know who cares which team won the Super Bowl three days after the fact?  Pretty much no one except those who played it.  Ditto for so many other heavily-touted achievements and awards in our celebrity culture.

•  We were about to sell a car on Craigslist, and my spouse and I were reviewing the text of our ad.  One angle we came up with: $2oo off the asking price, for liberals.  We were really tempted to throw that in, but it would have alienated most potential buyers in these parts.  (As it is, we did sell it for asking price, 16 hours after listing it, and had to turn away ten other interested parties.)

•  Faith in Humanity Department: When we handed our car over to the buyer, I forgot to remove our garage-door opener clipped to the visor.  We called the buyer a few hours later, and he told us that he had already stopped at the post office to mail it back to us.  We got it the next day.  My guess is that the buyer was a liberal and that we owe him $200.

•  So, we bought our first new vehicle in over a decade.  It has a back-up camera and other modern safety features — very happy about this.  But it has an “infotainment panel” rather than an everyday radio and CD player.  I’ve driven the vehicle 120 miles now and have not yet dared to turn on the radio or play music.  I’m sure I’ll figure everything out sometime.  Gosh-darned newfangled technology.

•  When I was a kid, my mom would walk into my bedroom, or the den, or wherever it was I happened to be reading, and turn on most of the lights in the room.  “It’s too dark in here to read, you’ll ruin your eyes!” she would say.  As it turned out, I guess she was right.

•  By that I mean, one of my eyes doesn’t see colors so well anymore.  My other eye makes up for it.  I guess I have the COVID-19 virus to thank that I can renew my license without a trip to the DMV for an eye test which I may no longer be able to pass.  (But who knows?)  Passing the DMV eye test and getting my license renewed has been a worry of mine for a few years.  But you all need not worry, I see fine to drive and I won’t be crashing into you, or anyone else.  I wouldn’t bring it up otherwise, he says defensively.

•  Meanwhile, as I fret about my driver’s license, right-wing militias plot their next moves.  If the government has priorities, they should be going after the danger that is me.

•  Love is sharing finger-food without a thought.

•  Thanks largely to my spouse’s diligence, I had my first-of-two COVID-19 vaccinations yesterday at Walgreens.  I said to my spouse, Thanks, Biden —  as otherwise, my spot on our health department’s waiting list was April or May.  I was never so glad to get a shot.    It feels like a corner has finally been turned, not that normality is knocking on our doors.  But still, it was an eye-waterer.  Damned newfangled technology.

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4 Responses to Thoughts @ Large: 74

  1. Judi says:

    I can relate to most of your “thoughts.” It’s wonderful to be vaccinated, I love the new vehicle technology (several fender benders have been averted), and I turned off the super bowl after 1/2 time.

  2. Jim Mc says:

    So happy that a fellow liberal got a great deal!

  3. Dorothy says:

    As always, interesting to “see” your thoughts – many not unfamiliar…

    One suggestion… if you forget your “half” at the store, you could always make your own … 😊 … half “whole” or cream and “half” low-fat/skim/water …

    My eyes are still brown and working okay … but no vax for me until April 12 (aprés FL) … Bob had his 2nd as of last night…

    I do not “love” the backup camera… I practice with it when I leave the garage … however, I do miss a CD player… good luck with the new ride!


  4. Rick says:

    The automatic emergency braking on our car saved our lives.
    Last week I had the second Pfizer shot. Does that mean I am 75% protected since in another week I will be 95%?
    My car is 2 years old and I am still trying to figure out the infotainment.
    Once my younger wife gets her shots we may start going out to eat again.

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