Bumblebee Boy
The bumblebees that stung me
   had a hole
The bumblebees that stung me
   had a role:
To defend their nest
   from unwelcome guests
The bumblebees that stung me
   had a hole.

The bumblebees that stung me
   had a hole
Their hole was by the front door
   near a pole
One of us boys
   had this idea
(Don't recall who, 
   possibly me?)
To have a little fun
   with that bee hole.

The bumblebees aflight
   had work to do
We sat and watched them
    fly out in and through
Clever boys,
    we played our trick:
We dug a fake hole
   with a stick
And covered up the hole
   they were accustomed to.

What fun it was to watch
   the bees explore
They couldn't find the way
   to their front door
Could not get in,
   could not get out,
Those bumblebees
    flew all about
We boys had won our battle
   -- not the war.

We eventually grew tired
    of our game
The boys went home for lunch,
   I did the same.
As I walked toward
   our kitchen door
One bumblebee
   gave me what-for:
She stung me on my ear
   and made me pay.

I yelled real loud and
   ran in to my mommy
She flicked the bee away
   and tried to calm me
I didn't tell her
   of our game,
Our craven plot,
   what it entailed,
And so my mom felt
   very, very sorry.

But lest you think that
   nature had its way
A garden hose was
   summoned the next day
Down the hole it went
   flooding out the residents
So the bumblebees that stung me
   went away.
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