Another Year Ends

 I remember at the end of 2018 thinking, 2019 has got to be better; and then at the close of 2019 thinking that 2020 has got to be better… well, we know how all this has turned out.

You won’t hear from me again before Christmas, possibly not before the New Year.  So let me now take a moment to wish all of you who clicked your way here the very best.  Some of you are still mourning over lost loved ones, and I mourn with you.  [                        ]  Others are about to introduce your children and grandchildren to the possibilities, the giving and the joys of this season, for the first time.  And many will be trying to keep themselves busy, or drinking wine, to compensate for the companionship they are now without.

Christmas is not always the happiest of times for grownups, but it does serve to establish what humanity could be like, for our young ones.  We need to keep modeling Christmas and the Christmas spirit.  What it’s like to receive is on the path to what it’s like to give.

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4 Responses to Another Year Ends

  1. Susan Maclean says:

    I will say what that first paragraph begs….2021 has GOT to be better. At least we will be without the Crook in Chief….MAGA man….Make American Graft Again…..and that alone will make me Merry and Bright!

  2. Rob says:

    Hope and love are worth celebrating and, we hope, channeling. Merry Christmas to all!

  3. Bruce says:

    Great message, Craig! Here’s to a less disappointing 2021.

  4. Lynne Benzing says:

    I feel you. Here’s to better times, more respect for fellow human beings, and better insights and leadership to get us there. All the best to your family. In peace, love and compassion…..

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