Final Days in France

We have seen most of the sights we wanted to see (one exception: the tropical greenhouse at Le Jardin des Plantes was closed yesterday, a disappointment), we have eaten all the duck and pain au raisin that anyone could want, and we have certainly spent more euros than I figured, but at least the credit card hasn’t melted (yet).  The USA may have a crappy health care system (as noted by the various Brits we have met along the way) but the price for a typical breakfast in the USA is a bargain compared to what you pay in France.

Tonight is our last bistro dinner.  We have to get up early in the morning (about midnight North Carolina time) and stuff our stuff back into our suitcases for our 11am flight back to the USA.  We have had wonderful weather — no rain except at night.  It was a little hot in Sarlat and a little cool and breezy at times here in Paris, but we managed to do without sweaters or jackets.  I was thinking of buying a hoodie but held off.

Right now I am finishing off the last of the partial bottles of wine we were unable to finish in the restaurant.  We have spent down our cash to the last ten or so euros we will need for breakfast at the airport.  And I have made the final selection of photos to share with you before we get home.  I intend to do a proper digital album of the sights (and sounds) of our adventure when we get back.  See you soon.

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2 Responses to Final Days in France

  1. Bruce says:

    Looks and sounds like a great trip! We are off to Hawaii soon.

  2. Eric says:

    Dear Craig and Sue –

    What a terrific and happy trip that must have been! *Sooooo* envious. :-) Thanks for sharing some of it with us. The words and images have rekindled fond memories of the times that I was fortunate enough to spend time in France.

    Your pal,


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