I Am Done with Sam Bee (and other stories)

From what I read on the intertweet-o-telesphere, politcal-satire show host Samantha Bee referred to Ivanka Trump using the c-word.  I’m not going to spell it, because I object to the word and what it stands for.  I am not an Ivanka Trump fan, but neither she or anyone other woman deserves to (or should) be called the female equivalent of the n-word.  That’s my red line.

I have been recording Samantha Bee’s shows on the DVR, and I watch one once in a while. Samantha Bee is no Jon Stewart in terms of satire or subtlety.  Although I do not frequent comedy clubs, I understand that outrageous language is the norm there.  Samantha Bee’s crude name-calling may get a shock-laugh in some sleazo comedy club but it was not right on her cable-television show and it would not even have been right if the two of us were having a private lunch together in a diner.

So I am done with Samantha Bee.  Her apologies aside, she has shown what her values are and what her boundaries aren’t.

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The next story is about Roseanne Barr’s blatant racist comment and its social and political sequelae.  Roseanne now seems to think she can walk back her comment comparing black people to apes.  Maybe, in this bizarre intertweet-o-telesphere that we inhabit, she will manage to do that.  But even if she does, it doesn’t mean she is not a racist.  Like Ms. Bee, Roseanne has shown what her values are and what her boundaries aren’t.

I was never a Roseanne fan.  I’m not sure how you could have guessed.

• • •

Last but not least.  I went to the Post Office earlier this week and asked for a sheet of the Mister Rogers stamps.  The clerk told me that the stamps sold out on the first day and that they weren’t available anywhere in the area.  I was astounded, and I said to him, using a louder voice than I should have used, that it was not a beautiful day in this neighborhood.  My wife told her sister about my story, and my sister-in-law suggested I order them online (without fully understanding why I would want Mister Rogers postage stamps).  I did so, and I expect to get the stamps in a couple of days.

Mister Rogers showed us what his values were and what his boundaries weren’t.  I will be happy to put his stamp on any message I send.

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4 Responses to I Am Done with Sam Bee (and other stories)

  1. db says:

    Samantha Bee’s rant, and rhetoric similar to it, is part of the reason that Donald Trump was elected (as much as I hate that expression), and will probably contribute to his reelection, unless the Democrats stop self-sabotaging at every opportunity.

  2. Joanne Wetzl says:

    Trump has empowered people on both sides of the divide to lose their civility, and grow disrespect toward others. However, it seems to me that the right had less respect for folks to begin with, since they are the ones who appear to have ‘racist’ and ‘entitled” values, wanting to take away health care from vulnerable populations, limit choices for women, and now are even preventing people from applying to the U.S. for asylum from violence, just to name a few mean-spirited actions. Folks on the left have been more tolerant of and sensitive to ‘others’ right along. I suspect the name calling is most likely a result of pure frustration. That is in no way an apology for S. Bee. It’s just an analysis of why I yell at the tv most evenings.

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