Open Letter to Papa John

Dear “Papa” John Schnatter:

I read you were having some trouble selling pizza this football season, losing some money. You know another tough way to make money?  Being a black quarterback who thirty-one white owners (and one Pakistani-American owner) refuse to hire.

I have an idea.  You know what would make your pizzas taste better?  Kneeling on them.

On second thought, kneeling may not help.  Your pizza, that is.  But I invite you to try it. Kneeling, that is.

Regards, Colin

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2 Responses to Open Letter to Papa John

  1. Eric says:

    Ya’ know, I like Peyton Manning well enough but maybe having Mr. Kaepernick do a coupla new TV spots might boost sales. Wouldn’t do anything for improving that pizza’s taste appeal, though . . .

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