With the latest price increase, I am now paying $100/month for service from DirecTV™.  DirecTV is my only option here in the mountains if I want to watch more than one channel.  Since DirecTV does not offer a la carte service, I have to pay $60/month for a package with more shopping and infomercial channels than actual content, $6/month for each TV, plus extra charges for HD and DVR.  I intend to cut back on services, and the thought has entered my mind of cutting the cord completely, Daily Show or no.

This I find odd: In the past year, DirecTV reported revenue of $26 billion but profits of only $1.97 billion.  According to their website, they have 28 million subscribers in the US and South America.  This works out to $943 annual income per subscriber, from which they make $70 profit.  That’s it.  You pay through the nose and DirecTV makes $70.  Someone, if not DirecTV, is making a pile of money on a product of overstated value.

Soon, the pile will be a little smaller.

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