Who Are These People?

Every now and then, I google myself.  It reminds me how anonymous I am.  (And what it means to be The 100 Billionth Person.)  However, it is also entertaining to see what other people named Craig Collins are doing, and if they are unwittingly harming my reputation.

Let’s take Craig H. Collins for example.  (We share the same middle initial.)  Craig seems to run a company called Social Media Edge, when he isn’t writing his blog.  On June 9, 2011, Craig H. Collins wrote:

It’s no coincidence that Facebook is the hottest social network in the world…  The creators of Facebook understand what people want and need in a social network and are continually updating and adjusting Facebook’s many user functions and constantly adding fun touches and great new ways to connect with others and enhance the Facebook experience.

Craig H. Collins is really on top of the latest trends.  I have a feeling that if I met this man, we would annihilate each other in a violent matter-antimatter interaction.

Then there is Craig Collins, a New Jersey wedding photographer.  Wedding photography is not child’s play, so good for him.  I like his photos but the background music on his website, well, let’s say it gives me visions of slow dances with beer bottles in hand.

There is Dr. Craig H. Collins, a pulmonologist in Cincinnati;  Craig H. Collins, a tort lawyer in California; the Arizona attorney Craig Collins and the North Carolina lawyer Craig Collins;  Massachusetts Dept. of Corrections Prisoner 92708 Craig Collins; the helicopter enthusiast Craig Collins; and gospel DJ Craig C from Baltimore.  Who are these people?  Do they share the same sense of responsibility about our good name?

If any Craig Collins happens to be reading this, please leave a comment.  Except me, that is, as this one has already done so.

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6 Responses to Who Are These People?

  1. Mimi says:

    I thought I was the only Marian Koral in the world but the Internet has disabused me of that notion. There is at least one other one. Also, Marian (or Marion) Coral is (or was) the name of a Hilton resort in the Caribbean. I suggested they enlist my services as a spokeswoman but they demurred. Actually, they ignored me. As far as I know, I’m the only Mimi Koral in the world. And although Mimi has no social security number or credit history, she recently got an offer for a credit card. Funny. Not funny haha–funny peculiar or creepy.

  2. Bruiser says:

    I’ve done this too. But usually not for Craig Collins(es?). I exchanged a few emails with a Bruce Irving in San Francisco who is in technical software and has written and recorded some songs. Doesn’t fly though. Also the former WGBH producer of This Old House. He is a renovation advisor or something now. He is stuck with .net or .biz cause I have bruceirving.com locked up for my semi-abandoned music site. I found something like 187 with my name in the US long ago. Haven’t counted recently.

  3. Bruiser says:

    According to howmanyofme.com there are 378 of you but only 21 of me. I thought I was more numerous.

    • Craig says:

      Good link, Bruce! So, slightly more than one of every million people in the USA is a Craig Collins. But only one (which one?) is the Craig Collins.

  4. db says:

    It’s a bit different for me! There is but one other ‘db’ in the world (with my exact spelling) — a patent attorney in Washington, DC. I’ve actually communicated with him; we sometimes receive emails meant for the other.

    For now, I hold the top Google spot above him (and intend to keep it that way!).

  5. Rob Simbeck says:

    There aren’t a lot of me. One other that I know of. And there appear to be none who go by Rob.

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