This site arranges my artwork into galleries, each based on a place or a theme — I call the latter Shots at Large.  The images in each gallery are presented as a slideshow.  You may pause the slides and advance to a given image by using the controls beside and below the image area.  For those images marked with a triple bar symbol, you may click on the image to view a larger version and read additional comments.

For easy viewing, I include no more than twelve slides in any series.  I will no doubt be inspired to swap out images every so often to keep the galleries fresh.

To help you track what has changed since your last visit, here is a guide to my revisions to this site, from newest to oldest:

2018-12-31 Added the gallery Shots at Large: Winter

2018-03-01 Added the image Bird in Morikami Gardens to the Florida gallery

2018-02-27 Added the gallery Florida (2018)

2017-09-26 Added the gallery The Mon Valley (2017)

2017-09-10 Added the gallery Paintings

2017-09-04 Added the gallery Shots at Large: Windows

2017-08-31 Added the gallery Mardi Gras (2016)

2017-08-20 Added the gallery Shots at Large: Steps