This site arranges my artwork into galleries, each based on a place or a theme — I call the latter Shots at Large.  The images in each gallery are presented as a slideshow.  You may pause the slides and advance to a given image by using the controls beside and below the image area.  For those images marked with a triple bar symbol, you may click on the image to view a larger version and read additional comments.

For easy viewing, I include no more than twelve slides in any series.  I will no doubt be inspired to swap out images every so often to keep the galleries fresh.

To help you track what you have seen on past visits and what has changed since then, here is a guide to my revisions to this site, from newest to oldest:

2018-03-01 Added the image Bird in Morikami Gardens to the Florida gallery

2018-02-27 Added the gallery Florida (2018)

2017-09-26 Added the gallery The Mon Valley (2017)

2017-09-10 Added the gallery Paintings

2017-09-04 Added the gallery Shots at Large: Windows

2017-08-31 Added the gallery Mardi Gras (2016)

2017-08-20 Added the gallery Shots at Large: Steps