Yellow has long been my favorite color.  This gallery has twelve photos from sundry places, each with a bit of (or a lot of) yellow.  Photos marked * were shot on film (usually Kodak Supra 400).

Daisy — Waynesville, NC (2014)

Leaf Heart — Asheville, NC (2014)

Fall Jackpot — Santa Fe, NM (2019)

Stucco Wood Brick Pipe — Asheville, NC (2018)

Arcade Composition* Cleveland, OH (2004)

Comet — Asheville, NC (2018)

Eat More Fish — at a festival in Ahaus, Germany (2007)

Shoe Angle — Asheville, NC (2014)

Yellow Hose* — Chalon-sur-Saone, France (2000)

Urban Tennis* Marigot, St. Martin (2003)

Lace Ring — Asheville, NC (2014)

Eagle Eye Cleveland, OH (2019)

2 responses to “Yellow”

  1. Rob says:

    Just terrific, on all levels.

  2. Judi says:

    Nice! I especially like the yellow leaf in the water feature. Thanks for sharing.

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