Artist at Play

I have been having fun with visual arts since childhood.  It was always a treat for me to buy a new box of No. 64 crayons or a set of felt-tip pens (magenta and cyan were my favorites) and a 500-sheet ream of filler paper, and then head up to my room and get to work.  I have never lost this elemental love of color.  And I still get a little thrill from walking the aisles of art supply stores and imagining the possibilities.

For many years now, I have spent much more time on photography than painting, as is evident from the content on this site.  I plan to set up a mini-studio in our North Carolina home and do more painting soon.  But there is not that much difference between what I paint and how I shoot:  I make maps, and practically all my works are canvas-filling maps of light and dark, colors and shapes.

My goal in recent years has been to increase the emotional content of my photos and paintings and to rely less on design to carry the day.  This has been a personal challenge but I hope it makes my works richer and more memorable.

I have sold some of my art and have gifted much more of it.  If you are interested in an item, send an email to art [at]  I must say, however, that I get very attached to my paintings:  I will gladly make a canvas print for you but would have to think hard about parting with an original.  (Maybe I will change my tune when I run out of room for them!)

In my view, visual art needs to speak for itself — it’s not about the artist or the provenance.  You should want to see it on your wall every day.  Art is not about décor — art should make you stop and think, engage and enjoy.  That’s the kind of art I strive to make.

In any event, thank you for visiting the site.  Your comments are encouraged and appreciated. – Craig H Collins