The Fall      

It is time, and timely, that I finally dedicate a gallery to the secondmost* stellar of seasons, the season of the witch, the season with the longest wavelengths of light.  Here is my red-shifted tribute to photographic art of the fallen kind, comprised of shots taken in the waning months of years past.  Three of these were captured on 35mm film and scanned from negatives (thank you, Sue, for the early Christmas present).  And as usual, this selection of 12 images combines the traditional and the unconventional.  Hope you enjoy.

Fall Perspective — Raleigh, NC area (2009).

Little Pine, Madison County — Little Pine, NC (2006).  Taken on a shoot I did when I was trying to get work as a real-estate photographer.  Driving around the site, I thought that from a fire-safety standpoint, this would have been a pretty challenging piece of real-estate.

Stony Brook, Mount Holyoke Mount Holyoke, MA (2001).  This has always been one of my favorite autumn scenes.  From my 35mm film days.

Novembre en Côte-d’Or, France — Beaune, France region (2000).  Also a film capture, from a business trip I took when I worked for a company that once made film worldwide.

Fall Classic — Raleigh, NC area (2009).

Hydrangea and Friends — Asheville, NC (2015).  I haven’t identified the friends.

Fall Migration Asheville, NC (2015).  A Japanese maple spreads its color.

Sea of Grass — Manhattan, KS (2016).  Along the Konza Prairie Nature Trail, a real treasure.

Leave Your Bikes Here — Mount Holyoke, MA (2001).  A third film favorite of mine.

The Last Drop — Raleigh, NC (2009).

The Fall of Edward H — Sunset Cemetery, Manhattan, KS (2016). 

Pleasant Gap, Madison County Along Holcombe Branch Road, Madison County (2021).


* The firstmost stellar of seasons, photographically, is of course Spring.

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