A few years ago, I rented a studio in Asheville’s River Arts District.  I produced several paintings there but, in the end, there was not enough interaction with other artists or the public (as I documented in my blog) and so I reluctantly gave up the studio.  From now on, I will be painting in my home, where my brushes are only a flight of stairs away and the rent is more affordable.

I paint with acrylics — they have their pros and cons.  Acrylics do not smell like oils, which is both a pro and a con.  Lack of smell is a pro if your house is your studio and it’s a con if you happen to like the smell of oil paints.  Acrylics also dry faster than oils, which is again both a pro and a con.  Acrylics let me complete a work faster, but it is a challenge to keep the paints at the right consistency while working.

Please click on the image (below) for a description of the painting on display.  There are five paintings here now and I am looking forward to adding more to this gallery.  I also encourage your comments, using the form at the bottom of the page.

3 responses to “Paintings”

  1. Eric says:

    Frame of Mind is brilliant: concept, execution, light and subject(s). Ratio and Mood remind me of Mondrian; in the latter, I was thinking that you were channeling Piet’s inner child ;~)

    So good to see these on display, buddy.

    Your pal

    • Craig says:

      Thank you for your viewing, Eric. Now that you mention it, “Mood” seems to have a bit of Paul Klee in it as well.

  2. Arthur Sands says:

    Interesting shots for sure !

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