This gallery has twelve photographs of winter scenes from several of our United States.  Snow is not my strong suit, so it mostly plays a supporting role in these images. Photos marked * were shot on film (Kodak Supra 400).

Robin* — Fort Collins, CO (2001)

Heron — Asheville, NC (2018)

Ice Queen* — Webster, NY (2004)

Flowing Shadows — Asheville, NC (2010)

Euonymus — Asheville, NC (2020)

Stepstones Asheville, NC (2020)

A Beaver Lake Walk — Asheville, NC (2018)

Accumulation — Asheville, NC (2017)

Circle at Erwin Square — Durham, NC (2015)

Rail Crossing Road* — Rist Canyon, CO (2001)

Popsicle Chairs Asheville, NC (2018)

Lakeside* Webster, NY (2004)

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