Shots at Large: Winter

Robin Heron Ice Queen Flowing Shadows Ash Creek in Rist Canyon A Beaver Lake Walk Accumulation Circle at Erwin Square Rail Crossing Road Popsicle Chairs Lakeside

This gallery has twelve photographs of winter scenes from several of our United States.  Snow is not my strong suit, so it mostly plays a supporting role in these images. Photos marked * were shot on film (Kodak Supra 400).

Robin* — Fort Collins, CO (2001)

Heron — Asheville, NC (2018)

Ice Queen* — Webster, NY (2004)

Flowing Shadows — Asheville, NC (2010)

Ash — Asheville, NC (2018)

Creek in Rist Canyon* — Rist Canyon, CO (2001)

A Beaver Lake Walk — Asheville, NC (2018)

Accumulation — Asheville, NC (2017)

Circle at Erwin Square — Durham, NC (2015)

Rail Crossing Road* — Rist Canyon, CO (2001)

Popsicle Chairs Asheville, NC (2018)

Lakeside* Webster, NY (2004)

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