The Lawrence Davis Legacy

Lawrence Davis was not only a friend but an inspiration.

This was true for me, and for many others, I’m sure.  The family, friends and colleagues of Lawrence felt a deep loss when he passed away on November 7, 2013.  A talented man with a kind and wonderful mind.

We have our memories of Lawrence and some, if fortunate, may even possess creative works of his.  The purpose of this website is to collect, curate, preserve and share such works of his, not just music, but poetry, writing, art, photography and all the forms of expression Lawrence explored.

This is a non-commercial effort.  As one of Lawrence’s long-ago friends, I am doing this only to ensure that the works Lawrence produced, showcasing his talents and his mind, will not decay in file cabinets or vanish into cyberspace.  I intend to present his works with respect, but I also hope to highlight his sharp and delightful sense of humor.

Lawrence had high standards — I will try not to publish anything Lawrence would have found embarrassing, but I do want to preserve his spirit as we knew him.  As I have been building this site, I keep wishing I could share my thoughts about it with him.

While I am the curator of this site, Lawrence’s family always has the last word on propriety.  That said, this project is my own.

I personally possess just a handful of items, ones that Lawrence shared with me when we were close friends in the late 1960s and into the 1970s.  I hope in the months ahead to collect other works and creative expressions that Lawrence’s family, friends and colleagues are willing to share with the rest of the world (see Please Share).  I am starting by republishing the fourteen posts from his “Reaching In” blog, along with selected poetry and prose from the years we corresponded.

In the late 1970s, Lawrence and I drifted apart — as often happens with high-school and college mates — and eventually we lost touch.  I profoundly regret this.  While I am devoting a section of this site to our personal remembrances of Lawrence, I would like this site to focus on his creative efforts, a legacy that all can appreciate.  A short biography of Lawrence is also in order, but this will necessarily have to be a collective effort.

This site will be a work-in-progress, in content and in appearance, for many months.  I hope for it to grow with contributions from others who knew Lawrence.  Please bookmark the site and revisit often.  I will work on a way for readers to subscribe to notifications of new postings.

I hope you enjoy the legacy of Lawrence’s work, heart and mind.  If you have remembrances of Lawrence you would like to share, please contact me.

Craig H. Collins, Asheville, North Carolina

Site launched September 9, 2014