Portraits of Nature      

I would not call myself a nature photographer by any means.  When I do shoot outdoor scenes, it is usually not to showcase nature (or my mediocre skills and equipment) but to call attention to the patterns and arrangements I see.  Here are some examples, taken from 2006 to 2019.  Compiling these images, I was surprised to find how often I shoot nature in portrait mode.  Well, so be it.

I only wish I could share 24-inch x 36-inch prints with you, instead of these 600-pixel wannabes.

Success Story — Hilton Head, SC (2006).  Vines are like Olympians — some suffer setbacks, others reach new heights.

Bark Crack Network — Great Smoky Mountains National Park, NC (2006).  I have probably taken enough tree bark photographs to fill a mulch yard, where the majority of them no doubt belong.

Prickly Pear — Tubac, AZ (2019).  I believe this species is the mission cactus, Opuntia ficus-indica.

Buttonbush Flower — Pisgah Forest, NC (2007).  The Cradle of Forestry has always been one of our favorite, easy nature walks.

Tower of Rhododendrons — Pisgah Forest, NC (2007).  Another beautiful scene from the Cradle of Forestry.  The rhododendrons bloom in late June in these parts.

Hickory Nut Falls — Chimney Rock, NC (2006).  The creek that falls 404 feet here is named, unimaginatively, Fall Creek.

Tree in Craggy Gardens — Black Mountain, NC (2012).  An appreciation of a rugged survivalist.

Turkey Tail Fungus — Pisgah Forest, NC (2008).  Believe it or not, this common fungus is being sold in ground form for $350/pound by specialty mushroom purveyors.  It’s all about the beta-glucans.

Clematis Still Life Asheville, NC (2021).  Spent flower buds from some of the clematis vines in our yard.

Frosty Lamb’s Ear — Asheville, NC (2006).  Probably the “Silver Carpet” variety, Stachys byzantina, a member of the mint family.

On Frozen Pond Flat Rock, NC (2007).  An oak leaf frozen into the surface of a pond at Carl Sandburg’s farm.

Early Riser Ottawa, Canada (2013).  Tulips in a bed on Parliament Hill.

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