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New York City is one of our favorite places.  I did most of my purposeful shooting there in my early visits in the Aughts.  Our recent visits have mostly been about museums and dining, but I take my camera along just in case.

We usually visit New York in January or August when the hotels are less expensive, so that has a bearing on the scenes you see here.  Some of these previously appeared on the old Shuttercity photo-sharing site and others on my blog — the rest were scanned specifically for this gallery.  I reprocessed all of them for optimal display on this site.

Photo titles and notes:

Swans in Central Park — August 2002 (Ektachrome).

Sax in Central Park — March 2004 (Kodak HD 400).

Red White and Blue — August 2002 (Ektachrome).

Posers — Metropolitan Museum, January 2019.

Power Walk — August 2002.

Future Psychic — Thompson Street,  August 2002 (Kodak Supra 400).

Ceiling of the Great Hall — Ellis Island, August 2015.

Celebrating Liberty — Hudson River, August 2015.

Power Lunch — June 2002 (Kodak Supra 400).

Chairs in Herald Square — March 2004 (Kodak HD 400).

Fortune — August 2002 (Kodak Supra 400).

South Manhattan Skyline — from the Hudson River, August 2015.

Not to tip the scales, but my personal favorites here are probably Celebrating Liberty, Future Psychic and Power Lunch.  Thanks to artist/curator Sally Wood Winslow, I was able to exhibit Power Lunch and Red White and Blue at the High Falls Visitor Center in Rochester, NY, a showcase for local artists back in the day.  (Sadly, the center closed in 2013.)

By the way, I wonder if any viewer of Posers considered that the statue might have been emulating the woman…

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  1. Rob says:

    These are terrific.

  2. Eric says:

    Great stuff as always. Especially like the Clapton/Harrison “Badge” ref in the 1st, the Posers, and the Ceiling!

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