This gallery has twelve photographs of stairs and steps of various types and differing points of view.  Design-wise, my favorite is probably The Future Unfolds, which was shot on color negative film but worked better in black-and-white.

The First Step — Waynesville, NC (2014)

To the Sky — Waynesville, NC (2014)

Ladder and Wall — Savannah, GA (2008)

Steps and Ivy — Savannah, GA (2012)

Palais Garnier — Paris, France (2014)

Musée Denon — Chalon-sur-Saône, France (2000)

Moving Stairs — Chicago, IL (2001)

The Future Unfolds — Cleveland, OH (2004)

Prints — Hilton Head, SC (2006)

Escape Route — Bad Bentheim, Germany (2007)

Les jardins d’Eyrignac  Eyrignac, Dordogne, France (2014)

Fred A. Stairs — The Asheville Studios of Craig H Collins (2015)

2 responses to “Steps”

  1. Stunning! Every time I encounter a new stair case, I like to count the number of steps…

  2. Joanne Wetzl says:

    Craig, these are museum quality…seriously.

    I’m really impressed, but not surprised.

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