Shots at Large: Steps

The First Step To the Sky Ladder and Wall Steps and Ivy Palais Garnier Musée Denon Moving Stairs The Future Unfolds Prints Escape Route Side Steps L'Escalier

This gallery has twelve photographs of stairs and steps of various types and differing points of view.  Design-wise, my favorite is probably The Future Unfolds, which was shot on color negative film but worked better in black-and-white.

The First Step — Waynesville, NC (2014)

To the Sky — Waynesville, NC (2014)

Ladder and Wall — Savannah, GA (2008)

Steps and Ivy — Savannah, GA (2012)

Palais Garnier — Paris, France (2014)

Musée Denon — Chalon-sur-Saône, France (2000)

Moving Stairs — Chicago, IL (2001)

The Future Unfolds — Cleveland, OH (2004)

Prints — Hilton Head, SC (2006)

Escape Route — Bad Bentheim, Germany (2007)

Side Steps Beaufort, SC (2008)

L’Escalier Chalon-sur-Saône, France (2000)

2 responses to “Shots at Large: Steps”

  1. Stunning! Every time I encounter a new stair case, I like to count the number of steps…

  2. Joanne Wetzl says:

    Craig, these are museum quality…seriously.

    I’m really impressed, but not surprised.

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