About The 100 Billionth Person…

The 100 Billionth Person is well into its second decade, and I’ve made it into my eighth.  So it seems fitting that I should update my About Page to reflect the passage of time and the change of perspective that comes with age.

First, The 100 Billionth Person was more a branding decision than a personal statement.  While it is plausible (if not statistically improbable) that I am the 100 billionth person to have walked on this planet, the whole point was to give this blog and myself a seemingly important yet ultimately insignificant title.  The way I see it, the string of 0s in 100 billion serves to put that lonely 1 in a very humble place.

Being The 100 Billionth Person sounds special and distinct, but as one of so many billions, how can I be anything but ordinary and insignificant?  Yes, each of us is unique in that no one shares our DNA, our experiences, our thoughts, our actions.  But if we are all unique, how special can that be?

Now to this blog.  For your entertainment and mine, I write personal reflections, poetry and verse, MAD magazine-style comics and features, political and topical commentary, recreational math and physics articles, and numerous thoughts at large.  I enjoy sharing what I create, and I try to offer my readers something unique, hopefully worth spending a few minutes on.  I strive to be myself, because I would fail badly trying to be some famous person, like Donovan.

Who I am is reflected in my posts — who I am not is some other Craig H. Collins you were looking for.  If you arrived here by serendipity, don’t be sorry — I’d love to hear from you.  Life is short and valuable — making connections is what makes it all worthwhile.

4 responses to About The 100 Billionth Person…

  1. mike miller says:

    no comments… I want to read your blog

  2. thanks at the very least for the picture hanging solution. some people’s art shows are ruined by wonky hanging jobs. never mine, i figured this out on my own. great to see it all works out on paper. ;) now i have to read the rest of your work :) cheers

  3. Daniel says:

    My best friend and I were looking for the physics behind hanging a picture and we stumbled onto your blog. We stayed and have been going through numerous posts and loved each and everyone one of them. You are awesome.

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