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Some months ago, I told you about our idea for a website that directs hotel-seekers with pet allergies to pet-free hotels.  After weeks of cogitation, coding and hand compilation, this modest idea has become a modest reality.  You and everyone else on the planet (well, except Iranians, Russians, North Koreans, Afghans, Yemenis and remote rural Americans) can now visit to find over 800 U.S. accomodations sans animalization.  And — as I enthuse on the site — we are adding new locations all the time!

It took me several weeks just to work out the look-and-feel and functionality of the site, which sadly had as much to do with my limited coding skills as the features that I thought users would appreciate.  What makes it even more challenging these days is that one has to design and code two websites at the same time, since two-thirds of your visitors are using a mobile device instead of a desktop or laptop.  The logo design also took a while, including the time spent researching whether someone already uses a smiley-pillows trademark.  (Surprisingly, the answer is no.)

Besides adding destinations, I can envision further enhancements to the site, such as maps that pinpoint the pet-free properties in a given metro area.  Right now, it helps to know the names of the suburbs in the area you want to stay, which is too much work for most folks.  I need to make mapping a bigger part of the user’s search experience.

Down the road, I think PetFreeHotels will be a respectable, if decidedly amateur, website.  Maybe it will bring in some advertising dollars, maybe not.  It will serve its purpose until the day that Google or TripAdvisor adds a PET-FREE checkbox to their search filters.  Then PetFreeHotels will be toast, its dander scorched, its fur singed.

In any event, it’s not like I’m announcing a rebirth of Twitter or a re-imagining of TikTok.  It’s just that Pet-Free Hotels is now a thing.  And it has earned $0.02 so far in ad revenue.  That should pay for the next 100 or so pet-free hotel listings there.

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