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It is finished.  Finally.

I am ready to submit my research paper on bidding strategies for the Showcase Round on The Price is Right television show.  I have been working on this problem for over two years and I started writing text and preparing figures eight months ago.  And I also had to learn LaTeX, a mathematical document typesetting language.  I plan to submit my paper to the open-access MDPI Games Journal on Monday.

My paper will be peer-reviewed at no cost to me but, if it is accepted for publication, I may or may not have to pay MDPI an “article processing charge” of about $530.  There is some doubt as to whether the APC will be subsidized by Knowledge Unlatched, a collective effort of international libraries to support and encourage open-access research.

Open-access is important.  Lacking university library affiliation, it was hard for me to do a proper literature search on the Showcase Round problem.  I believe I did find most of the relevant work, but who knows, an obscure paper in the Albanian Journal of Mathematics may have solved this problem years ago.  Open access = shared knowledge = anti-elitism.

If MDPI accepts my paper for publication but my article processing charge is not covered, I suppose I will pay for it myself.  In for a dime, in for a dollar, my brother-in-law says.

Below is an image of the first page of my 24-page paper.  You can read the rest of it here. You can also use my online showcase bid calculator to review your own bidding strategies, in case you are lucky enough to be a contestant on The Price is Right.

As for me, I’m ready to start painting again!

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