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  • The Best Way to Buy Club Soda

    The Best Way to Buy Club Soda   

    Asked and Answered 5.0 I recently became a bitters-and-club-soda drinker.  As I was to discover, …
  • Podcasts for Insomniacs

    Podcasts for Insomniacs   

    My spouse is one of those enviable persons who falls asleep minutes after her head …
  • Thoughts @ Large: 59

    Thoughts @ Large: 59   

    • On a recent edition of CBS Sunday Morning, host Jane Pauley interviewed cartoonist Garry …
  • Birds of a Feather

    Birds of a Feather   

  • Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

    Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down   

    One federal agency that remained open during the ongoing government shutdown is the U.S. Bureau …
  • Snow and Tell

    Snow and Tell   

    To close out the year, I have (finally) added another photo gallery to ART@CHC, titled …
  • Irony Street & Misnomer Way

    Irony Street & Misnomer Way   

    • Long Street in Asheville, North Carolina, is 0.2 miles (1000 feet) long. • Short …
  • The New Abnormal

    The New Abnormal   

    Your ballroom days are over, baby Night is drawing near Shadows of the evening crawl …
  • Le Prix, C’est Fini

    Le Prix, C’est Fini   

    It is finished.  Finally. I am ready to submit my research paper on bidding strategies …
  • Bedtime Prayers

    Bedtime Prayers   

    My spouse and I just compared our childhood bedtime prayers.  I find that hers were …
  • Things I Am Not At All Interested In

    Things I Am Not At All Interested In   

    With the emphasis firmly on not at all, I am not at all interested in… …
  • Note from Self: 2018-10

    Note from Self: 2018-10   

    Forgive me Readers, it has been four months since my last confession. I have mostly, …

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