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  • The Nancy Set

    The Nancy Set   

    Recreational math buffs were introduced to fractals, shapes that repeat themselves at ever-smaller scales ad …
  • More ART @ CHC

    More ART @ CHC   

    I am in the process of moving all the photo sets I have posted here …
  • Every Seafaring Adventure Film Ever

    Every Seafaring Adventure Film Ever   

    [Warning: Spoilers dead ahead.] ⊕  The vessel has an important mission to accomplish. ⊕  Someone …
  • What Kind of Liberal Am I? (#1)

    What Kind of Liberal Am I? (#1)   

    I discuss politics far more often on this site than I do in person (save …
  • The Realm of Truth

    The Realm of Truth   

    The Realm of Truth © MMXIX by Craig H Collins Click to display full-size map
  • Thoughts @ Large: 61

    Thoughts @ Large: 61   

    • If you talk to your plants but it still doesn’t help them grow, it …
  • Going Mobile!

    Going Mobile!   

    On July 11, 2008 — 11 years ago this week — Apple released the iPhone …
  • The Force of July

    The Force of July   

    Nothing says “I love America more than you do” like wearing a muscle shirt that …
  • Postcard from Great Britain

    Postcard from Great Britain   

    [For our first guest commentary, I’m pleased to share a note from across the pond …
  • Generic Internet Tech Forum

    Generic Internet Tech Forum   

    QUESTION Joe:  I’m a newbie on this forum, so I apologize if you have answered …
  • Don’t Fence Me In

    Don’t Fence Me In   

    December 21, 1934.  Montana families continue their struggle against the one-two punch of prolonged drought …
  • Sue Ellen’s Favorite

    Sue Ellen’s Favorite   

    I believe its name is Silvia Saunders (or a very close relative) and it was …

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