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  • On Radon

    On Radon   

    This is a public service announcement. When we were in the process of building our …
  • I Am (not) Colin Kaepernick

    I Am (not) Colin Kaepernick   

    When he had the opportunity, Colin Kaepernick knelt to bring attention to an important and …
  • “Salads of the Sea”

    “Salads of the Sea”   

    Summer may be fading, but I thought I would share a couple of dip recipes …
  • The Resistance (Olbermann Version)

    The Resistance (Olbermann Version)   

    This was Keith Olbermann’s final commentary for GQ on November 28, 2017.  At the time, …
  • Thoughts at Large: 57

    Thoughts at Large: 57   

    • As the legendary 19th-century mathematician and master of infinities Georg Ferdinand Ludwig Philipp Cantor …
  • Your Money and Your Life

    Your Money and Your Life   

    I superimposed a map of homicides (denoted by pins) in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area so …
  • Coldfinger


    [To be read slowly, along with the music…] Coldfinger! He’s the man, the man with …
  • Vitreous Humor No. 1

    Vitreous Humor No. 1   

  • Omarosa: Not Fired. Discharged.

    Omarosa: Not Fired. Discharged.   

    I just examined a copy of Ms. Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s new tell-all story.  One of the …
  • Stormy Rainville

    Stormy Rainville   

      This is a video of the rain-chain next to our front door this evening.  …
  • Would and Wouldn’t

    Would and Wouldn’t   

    I think that the person who wrote this piece for Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show …
  • Note from Self: 2018-06

    Note from Self: 2018-06   

    This is my second (experimental) month-end note about personal goings-on.  The idea is to communicate …

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