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Hello, it’s Charley again.  That’s CHARLEY with a capital ME, don’t forget it.  So, we have another holiday in America and the owner of this blog decides to put me in charge so he can “spend some time with his family.”  That’s great, I thought spending time with your family was something big-shot CEOs did when they get fired.  Enjoy your stuffing, buddy.

So he says to me, as he gives me the password to the blog, “Don’t tell bad jokes this time, just watch for comments and delete the ones that look like spam.”  So here I am, having the time of my life in front of this screen and making the most of this glorious opportunity.  Why doesn’t somebody write me a comment and give me something meaningful to do before my eyeballs dry up.

By the way, his password is COWABUNGA.  Oops.

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Hello, this is Charley.  I am filling in for the host of this blog while he is on vacation.  Isn’t that the way it always works.  You have to wait for the man to give you some crumb of a chance, and when you do get it, no one is looking.  Everyone is out having a party, or returning clothes at Land’s End, but sure-as-shooting not reading this.  So I may as well say what I want.  He doesn’t control me.  And probably won’t be reading this either.

So I want to talk about cowboys.  That’s right, cowboys.  The kind that live on the range and boil coffee over a fire and cuss and punch guys who get out of line with the ladies.  Oops, someone just texted me, I gotta go.  Later.

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Here’s a quiz you might not want to score so well on.  How well do you remember the details of popular 1960’s television series?  Score 1,960 points for every correct answer and no points for every wrong answer.  No fair consulting Google.

(1) What was the name of the telephone operator on the Andy Griffith Show?

(a) Clara
(b) Sarah
(c) Juanita
(d) Charlene

(2) On the Beverly Hillbillies, comedy actor Louis Nye played the part of

(a) Jethro Bodine
(b) Milburn Drysdale
(c) Sonny Drysdale
(d) Sam Drucker

(3) On Gunsmoke, the first name of the actor who played Doc was

(a) Milburn
(b) Mansour
(c) Holiday
(d) Blake

(4) On The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, we would share a little “tea” with

(a) Officer Judy
(b) Rocky
(c) Aunt Bee
(d) Goldie

(5) On the spy spoof Get Smart, the difference between the “agent numbers” of co-stars Barbara Feldon and Don Adams was

(a) 7
(b) 13
(c) 39
(d) 99

(6) The name of the “normal” character in the Munsters family was

(a) Beverly
(b) Edward
(c) Darren
(d) Marilyn

(7) The first character to act as cook and caregiver in My Three Sons was

(a) Mr. French
(b) Charley
(c) Bub
(d) Mr. Wilson

(8) One of these 1960’s female characters was not a housemaid:

(a) Hazel
(b) Alice
(c) Rosie
(d) Ethel

(9) Which of these characters was the female handyperson on Green Acres?

(a) Alf
(b) Arnold
(c) Ralph
(d) Hank

(10) On The Fugitive, the title character hunted for a killer who had lost…

(a) his right arm
(b) his left eye
(c) his left hand
(d) his right leg

Correct answers are in the comments.  Post your score if you dare.  Good luck.

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