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visited the feeder,
looking curious as to
what's to eat here,
but seeing only seeds
flew off
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The Unfolding
at one time, no, before time,
nothing became something
the became began it all
the became, the axiom: energy

the became inflated and expanded
   and condensed and fused
and writhed in the arms of gravity
whom it had just begun to know
   and then embrace
gravity, its lover, with whom it coexisted
and to whom it pledged covariance
   until death newton part,
exerted its pull

energy, as became would become, 
sat nervously in its primal seat
side-by-side, thigh-to-thigh with its lover
gravity, or space as it would become,
together they imagined a path
      ~ it would be a wayward path
        crossing and uncrossing and 
        full of avoidance and despair
        but they would not know that ~
through their tender universe

they grew together, flew apart
conspired to sacrifice understanding
their burnt offering to us:
distance and incomprehension

the summer stars over the hillside
blinded our eyes to what
the future would hold
now that there was one
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that man he write long poems

fold them into paper airplanes

sail them out apartment window


he watch for someone pick them up

pick up look at read give away

that man he watch and wait


he never call out

he imagine he make friends

that man he pretend some like him



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