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that man he write long poems

fold them into paper airplanes

sail them out apartment window


he watch for someone pick them up

pick up look at read give away

that man he watch and wait


he never call out

he imagine he make friends

that man he pretend some like him



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not my president
not my president
our national embarassment
who knows where sanity went

what majority would consent
to his sordid ascent
to his bullying bent
to the facts he invents
to his embellishments
to the chaos he foments
with his tweets and rash comments

but our votes were irrelevant
Russian involvement?
he says, Nyet!

in any event
my discontent
from our steep descent
into his twittery torrent
has left me spent
but he will not relent

instead, unbent
and arrogant
he talks coal, steel and cement
to local malcontents
at his staged events
then retreats to his lavish apartments
to entertain the one-percent
the ones he really represents
(the dreamers, he has undreamt)

you knew what I meant
when I started to vent
about our current devilment
he may be the White House resident
but he is not my president

precious time has been misspent
absorbed in his absurd pretense
and the scary extent
of his incompetence
has not even hit us yet

so please, Mr. Mueller, end the suspense
you only need to follow his scent
to find the necessary evidence
so we may we once again respect
Mr. Washington's intent
for the person we call president
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Genesis, Exegesis
1   The Garden of Eden
     was not about feeding
     an apple to a man
     but how shame began.

2   Our attempt to explain
     why childbirth begets pain
     invoked God, sex and sin.
3   Sad way to begin.

4   When Cain struck down Abel
     (according to fable)
     he invented warfare.
5   We took it from there.

6   The Ark built by Noah
      ferried two protozoa,
     and then four and then eight.
7   Disease was First Mate.

8   The Flood begat Rainbow,
     a sign, so claimed Noah,
     of God's misgivings for
     culling the living.

9   The leftover rabble
     assembled at Babel
     to build a tall tower.
10  Nui ka huikau.

11  Covenants fell like rain
     on the grandsons of Cain.
12  God's strangest provision:
     male circumcision.

13  Sodom and Gomorrah
     lacked ten men of morals
     so The Lord burned them down.
14  At least no one drowned.

15  Abraham gripped his knife
     to cut short his son's life
     and flesh out God's design.
16  God said, "Never mind."

17  Abraham's Sarah and
     Jacob's Rachel -- barren.
18  Their mates took more women:
      more sons were given.

19  Was this really how man
      supposedly began?
20  Given what men now do,
      much of it rings true.
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