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Be on the Lookout

Lost Cat Cartoon

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CHComics No. 8

“Well, we’ve come to it.”

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  You’re the gravy on my grits.

  I’d poke a sleeping bear for you.

  You got more fire in you than a jar of ‘shine.

  A minute with you is nicer than a whole day at Dollywood.

  You rev the engine in my pickup.

  When we’re together it’s like Elvis came back.

  Mama was just plain wrong about you.

  You make me feel like doing donuts in the RV.

  Hens laid chicken nuggets the day you were born.

  You sparkle like a Sunday morning shoeshine.

  I love you to Walmart and back.

  You grabbed my heart so hard my ribs got smoked.

  I put your picture on my fridge right next to Dale Earnhardt Jr.

  You’re sweeter than the tea at Shoney’s.

  Why don’t we head up the mountain and I’ll make a pass.

  God, country, okra and you.


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