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Or, What I’ve Been Doing Half the Pandemic

Fifty years ago, in my college days, I had a four-track reel-to-reel tape deck on which my friends and I would record our original songs, mostly in the confines of my dorm room.  (My belated apologies to the guys in the adjoining rooms.)  Anyway, my fascination with writing and recording songs never left, even after my college friends dispersed and my tape deck rusted.  But thanks to (a) the magic of music software and (b) a new guitar and (c) the privilege of being retired, I’ve been able to re-explore recording.  After five months of tinkering, I was finally able to produce something listenable.

My efforts this year were focused on just one song, Company Man, whose origins date to the early 1980s.  This is the first song I produced from scratch on a digital platform, which allowed me to add orchestration along with editable drums, guitars and even vocals!  I am really amazed at what music software can do, even in the hands of an amateur like me.

Well, enough intro.  You can hear the song here at my ART@CHC site.  As always, please use earbuds or a sound system — laptop speakers are absolutely the worst way to listen.  Thanks for letting me share.  Hope you’ve had the time and energy to be creative too.

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