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The chart above shows how our county has been faring with respect to the coronavirus.  The number of cases here is still relatively low, even considering our population, but we clearly have not flattened the curve.  It has been just two weeks since the first reported case in the area.  To paraphrase Navin Johnson in The Jerk, we haven’t hit bottom yet —  we got a ways to go.  Hopefully the overcompensating drinking will end well before that.

My spouse found a facemask pattern online and has made 22 masks for family and friends, using up most of the non-woven fabric she ordered.  I wonder if she will now have trouble getting more non-woven, if she were to get requests for more masks.  She has run out of elastic and will have to order more of that too.

And now we just spent five minutes discussing how we might improve the pattern to help prevent our eyeglasses from fogging up, which would involve more elastic.

We have self-isolated since Saturday, March 14.  This represents 21 days, and counting, of not contracting the virus (to our knowledge) and not transmitting it to others.  That is all that is expected of us — it shouldn’t be that hard to do, especially for retired people, right?  I am gladly isolating myself for the sake of our neighbors, for our nation, for humanity… but not for Trump.  I will not forgive Trump for how he behaved in the face of this crisis.  He has to answer to history and, more extantly, to voters like me in November.

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I hope everyone remembers the denials, the delays, the dereliction of duty, in November.

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Flying Monkeys --totally under control.  Wicked Witch of The WestStraight talk from the Wicked Witch of the West.

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