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The Bird Box Challenge - Comic by CHCollins

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With the emphasis firmly on not at all, I am not at all interested in…

• Owning or petting a pet, whether dog or cat.

• Cruise vacations, whether ocean or river.

• The Kardashians, Kayne West, Gwyneth Paltrow and other so-called influencers.

• The Academy Awards’ Best Picture, the Grammy Awards’ Best Recording, the Tony Awards’ Best Play, and the Country Music Awards’ Entertainer of the Year.

• Crewing on someone’s sailboat (as if they would ask me).

• Whether it was Laurel or Yanny, or white-and-gold vs. black-and-blue.

• Playing the slots (or anything else) at a casino.

• The local symphony orchestra (wherever local may be).  Even in a casino.

• The Property Brothers.  Or their personal-grooming products.

• Church.  (I would attend an AME Zion service if they would just let me sit in the balcony and listen — and yes, that would be a contradiction.)

• What will befall Roseanne now that Roseanne is no longer on the show and what will befall Today with Megyn Kelly now that Megyn is no longer on the show.  Let me guess, not that I am interested in either outcome.

• Nor am I at all interested in basketball, hockey, soccer, tennis, golf, college football,  NASCAR, or competitive hot-dog eating.

• Or Mike Pence’s self-imposed marital fidelity guidelines.

• Or Fresh Air with Terry Gross and whoever her guest is.

• Or iPhone sizes, features, resolutions, or…

• Where my chicken comes from.

• Watching glaciers fall into the ocean on a ship off the coast of Alaska.

• Standing in line for almost anything, including Disney World.

• Whether my non-existent gun collection will be confiscated by the government.

• Investing my time in people who aren’t very interested in returning the investment.

• Whatever Trump has to say, especially when he is called upon to be truthful or sincere.  But just about every other time as well.

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The participants in major league baseball’s 2018 World Series have now been decided.

The two teams that will vie for the championship are the Los Angeles Dodgers, whose team payroll was $199,582,045 (3rd of 30 teams), and the Boston Red Sox, whose team payroll was $228,398,860, highest of all teams, and $20 million more than the next-highest team.

Meanwhile, the 2018 team payroll for Pittsburgh Pirates was $91,025,861, a little less than two-thirds of the league average.  The Pirates finished with a .509 winning percentage and  despite their hot streak in July were never really in playoff contention.

Moral of the story: If you want to play power ball, you need to spend mega-millions.

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