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The participants in major league baseball’s 2018 World Series have now been decided.

The two teams that will vie for the championship are the Los Angeles Dodgers, whose team payroll was $199,582,045 (3rd of 30 teams), and the Boston Red Sox, whose team payroll was $228,398,860, highest of all teams, and $20 million more than the next-highest team.

Meanwhile, the 2018 team payroll for Pittsburgh Pirates was $91,025,861, a little less than two-thirds of the league average.  The Pirates finished with a .509 winning percentage and  despite their hot streak in July were never really in playoff contention.

Moral of the story: If you want to play power ball, you need to spend mega-millions.

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Drinking Song


In session, there is no beer... That's why I drink it here (right here!)... And when I'm gone from here... The Lefties will be drinking all my beer!

As with heavy drinking, heavy perjuring is good cause for one to be removed from the bar.

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When he had the opportunity, Colin Kaepernick knelt to bring attention to an important and sad fact about America, namely how our racism results in the impoverishment and the early sudden death of black people, by violent means if not by by disease.

And what can I do about this?  I am not an NFL player.  In fact, I am done with the NFL. I am an older privileged white guy who pays $50 a year to have a website and write a blog, and I support Colin Kaepernick, as I have done before on this site, here and here.

The Nike shoe-burning by American racists/supremacists who want to make sure that black people know “their place” reminded me of the 1966 Southern Baptist bonfires of Beatles items, when John Lennon dared compare the Beatles’ popularity to that of Jesus.  Insult what we believe and we will torch you, was (and is) their poisonous message.

The poison persists and runs down the river, splashing over the rocks, baptising those who willingly stand in that current of hate, mistaking the force of the current for truth.

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