Red, White, Blue and Flesh

As if we needed a (fatal) reminder.
Her blood is on you, Trump.


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3 Responses to Red, White, Blue and Flesh

  1. Susan Maclean says:

    Trump is definitely to blame for inciting this mob but let’s be real…there’s enough blame to go around, including the fervent Trump supporters in the house and senate who propagated his fraudulent claims of election victory, the news “entertainment” folks who did the same and those voters, fans and base including the folks who took in into their hands to storm the Capitol. According to Heather Cox Richardson and news agencies, 4 people died…the rioter who was shot and three others from separate medical emergencies…”including one who died of a heart attack and one who tased themself.”(HCR) These folks need to take personal responsibility for their own fate as well as the injuries to the Capitol police and DC police (what happened to all those cries out of “Blue lives matter” during the summer riots?) not to mention the property damage. To hear some announcements falsely pointing blame to Antifa and false flag carrying despite selfies and obvious known white supremacy group leaders in the mob just further depicts the level of falsehood. Unfortunately this country is still embroiled in the civil war and until those conflicts are healed, we’ll face the same divisions

  2. Eric says:

    A truly dark and sad day.

  3. Stephanie Velsmid says:

    Susan said it well in her comments!
    Trump is such an evil person and unfortunately, he has many followers.
    Let us hope that Biden can lead us on to better days.

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