Trump Won’t Rule Out Nuclear Weapons

You won’t believe this, but I wrote to the White House yesterday and I posed this question to whoever is in charge of responding to such things:  “Does President Trump promise not to use nuclear weapons against the American people if the election does not go his way?”

I didn’t get an answer!  The fact that Trump did not rule out deploying nuclear weapons against those who did not vote for him (one can assume that he only plans to bomb the blue states) should cause us concern, as it could lead to another economic slowdown.

So, if North Carolina goes blue on Election Day, just let me say, it’s been fun knowing you and writing for you.  If only I had built that shelter.

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3 Responses to Trump Won’t Rule Out Nuclear Weapons

  1. Eric says:

    Hmmm . . . Here’s hoping that there are enough “Suburban Women” in NC whom Trump has persuaded to “Love, Me, Love Me” to prevent that scenario. He wouldn’t launch if that group came out in his favor, even if the popular vote didn’t go his way, would he?

    • Craig says:

      Eric, there’s just something about hiding behind the skirts of Suburban Women that doesn’t seem right to a red-blooded American man like me. But if I’m still alive on Wednesday, then I guess that’s OK… because that would be God’s will.

  2. Guy ENGLISH says:

    Just when did you write? Check the postmark? Could be you were late.
    Only valid questions can expect a response. And, would you believe it?

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