God is Too Shy

God is too shy

There seems to be a profound lack of indignation by whatever entity kick-started, and now marginally oversees, our precarious existence.

The fact that humans prey on one another; that the weaker of us are sought out, exploited and abused by the strong; that only the lightest scratch seems to unleash our propensity to say and do bad things to each other; and that those who rise to defend the disadvantaged are decried as apologists for weakness…

It would seem that any such omnipotent Overseer of our sad affairs is either too shy to impose His/Her will to end these injustices, or that He/She is a voyeur-sadist.

If you were to believe there is such an Overseer, which of those traits would be worse?

• • •

There are some who do not wait around for a passive god (or president) to address what is broken in our dealings with each other.  These persons point out injustice when and where they see it — not just when a high-profile case dominates the news cycle, but all the time.  They often remind us that, for many, injustice is life.  You may find such people tiresome, with their near-constant talk about what ails humanity.  And you may wonder, why don’t they lighten up a little?

The answer is, would you lighten up, if you were a god?

There are 5 billion adults on earth.  Each of us has agency — each of us is one 5-billionth of the god that humankind needs.  It is not just a daydream, “If I were god for a day…”  You already are!  And not just today, but tomorrow and the next day.  So why not think and act like a god, as someone with the responsibilities of a god?

Unlike the Grand Overseer, we are not up in the clouds helplessly looking down on events.  We are lucky to be right here in the midst of them, with real power to identify ills and do something about them.  Let’s not pathetically stand by and pretend that injustice to others does not affect us — this makes a mockery of our own godhood.

This is no time to be shy.  Use your powers.

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2 Responses to God is Too Shy

  1. Judi says:

    So true Craig. We all must act. Thanks.

  2. Eric says:

    Thanks, buddy, for this call to action. And: those actions need not be difficult, or organized, or complicated. Just a simple “Midwestern-friendly” nod of the head to acknowledge someone shopping near you downtown, or a casual three-finger wave to the drivers approaching you when out for a walk, can be a start.

    One minor quibble about your otherwise awesome post: I always envisioned that God looked a bit more like Morgan Freeman?

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