Coronavirus Live Update IV

My spouse and I are finally contemplating visiting our children and grandchildren, with the proviso that no airplanes or hotels are involved.  We are lucky that the distances are driveable; I can manage gas pumps, and we can take along enough food and beverages to avoid dicey restaurant stops.  And at this point, I no longer care how many bathtub toys or potty-chairs we may need to navigate around during our stay.  So, as soon as the kids feel comfortable, we’re making arrangements.

The goings-on here at home are a different matter.  Our state and county are “opening up” despite an eightfold increase in the local COVID-19 infection rate over the past month, according to the chart I have been maintaining since the outbreak started:

In mid-April, the positive-test rate in our county had fallen to just one new case a day.  But since Trump’s call to “liberate the states”, it has climbed back to over 8 new cases a day.  This is not the “flatten-the-curve” situation that was supposed to give one confidence.

Its own CDC be damned (and ignored), Trump’s administration has sent a clear message: it is now every person for themselves.  What choice do we have but to act accordingly?

I guess the market, not medical science, will determine what the “optimum” crowd size is during a pandemic.  I for one will continue to avoid that market.

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2 Responses to Coronavirus Live Update IV

  1. Guy ENGLISH says:

    Thanks, that’s the sort of leadership the western world needs – and rest assured, our bumbling idiot over here is sycophantically following every move – just as things were getting better, the taps (faucets? sluice gates?) are to be opened. Already well ahead of anyone who’s actually trying to count in terms of deaths per head of population, we are determined not only to spread muck around the country (I happen – no, choose – to live in a naturally isolated part) to get the economy going, AKA burn oil, but to revive the absolute right to fly anywhere for cheap sun, sand, booze. Just hoping everyone’s sake that UK visitors are declared unwelcome everywhere, except perhaps Brazil. One way.

  2. Stephanie Velsmid says:

    I am glad that you will be getting to visit your family and I agree with your plan to drive.
    No leadership in this country when it counts the most like life or death!!!! We can only hope there are enough people to vote him out in November!!!!

    Safe travels!!!!

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