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I am sharing the first of many musical compositions I plan to record.  The title of this one is Bucket of Steel, a piano piece (with variations) that I wrote in the 1970s.  I have spent many recent virus-isolated hours orchestrating this song the way I’ve heard it in my head  playing it in my living room over the last 40 years. 

(Apologies for that last very-long sentence but it worked best that way.)

This is the first real recording I have done since college.  It feels good to get back to music as a form of expression, especially in the current circumstances.

I have posted this composition on my site ART @ CHC which is dedicated to my various creative efforts.  Please head over there to take a listen.  Thanks and stay well.

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  1. Sue Collins says:

    Love to hear your music even after 46 years it just gets better. Am patiently waiting for my CD of all your music. You need to play our piano more!

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