Why Are These Men Smiling?

Why is this man smiling?

Gun rights rally, Richmond, Virginia, Jan. 20, 2020.  Credit: Julio Cortez (AP)

The (unidentified) man above is smiling for several reasons.  First, he has a gun, and it is a very large and intimidating one.  Second, the supreme court of the land he shares with us has declared that he and his kindred are free to brandish such weapons, which satisfies his fetish and lets him forget all his insecurities for the moment.  Third, it is just a lot of fun to play dress-up soldier with your friends, no matter what your age.

And why is this man smiling?

The Senate rejects impeachment witnesses, Washington, DC, January 31, 2020.
Credit: Erin Schaff, New York Times.

This man, Sen. Mitch McConnell, is smiling because he too has a big gun, whose name is Donald J. Trump.  McConnell has just wielded that gun to impose discipline in his ranks and bring the impeachment trial to a close.  He is smiling because Trump’s fervent base is the bluntest weapon he has ever used and its aim was true.  McConnell is smiling because if Trump can get away with anything, then so can he.  And he is smiling because it is just a lot of fun to play dress-up politician with your friends, no matter what your age.

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Actually, my reasoning here was far too complicated.  Both men are smiling because they have just had orgasms.

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3 Responses to Why Are These Men Smiling?

  1. Judi says:

    All so true and distressing☹️

  2. Lynne Benzing says:

    Well, they are probably smiling cause they are doing exactly what they want to be doing.
    Far be it for me to agree with these two dudes, but if I judge them, I’d be like them!
    Ya did make me smile with your last comment though! 😅
    Wish I had the power to open eyes.
    Off I go…one at a time…

  3. Lynn Rubenson says:

    Hi- getting these again! I don’t know how they could be smiling because of orgasms… neither has a d–k🤷🏻‍♀️

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