Cats @ Large: 62

•  If cats ate their weight in mosquitoes every day, I might excuse their existence.

•  Cats would not be as popular if they were harder to spell.

•  The best thing about the musical “Cats” is that there are no actual cats in it.

•  The part of King Joffrey in “Game of Thrones” was originally written for a cat.

•  When cats hiss, it is because the snakes that live inside them are trying to escape.

•  If cats played chess, they would first torment the pieces they captured and then casually drop them at their opponent’s feet.

•  It is no coincidence that the Edison lamp socket is the same diameter as a cat’s tail.

•  We say scat when we see a cat because it isn’t polite to say shit.

•  Cats belong in the wild, where they can satisfy their hunting instincts.  I suggest Mars.

•  There is a special place in Hell for cat-haters — it’s called Heaven.

•  Cats like to sleep in your bed so they can be first in line the day you don’t wake up.

•  No cats were harmed in the writing of this post.  Insulted, yes, but what do they care?

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3 Responses to Cats @ Large: 62

  1. Emily says:

    My name is Emily, and I also hate cats (“Hi, Emily”). I think that cats are actually known to bring their kill to their “master”. Not quite/at all related, but today at the zoo, Henrik mistook the asian lantern exhibit of mammoth for elephants. I didn’t want to tell him so bluntly that mammoths don’t exist anymore, that they are all dead, so I said “Mammoths don’t live on this earth anymore”. And then Nate said, “Or on any other planet”. 😂

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