The Eponymous Laws of Physics

Newton’s Law: What goes up must come down.

Einstein’s Law: What goes up depends on the observer.

Murphy’s Law: What goes up…. no, it doesn’t.

Otis’s Law: What goes up will not come down if the cable breaks.

Glenn’s Law: What goes up orbits the earth three times and splashes down.

Scotty’s Law: What beams down must beam up.

Trump’s Law: What goes up did so because of me.

Mueller’s Law: What went down will eventually catch up with you.

Grassley’s Law: What comes up must be put down.

Que Sera Sera’s Law: What goes up, goes up.

Hefner’s Law: What goes up for more than four hours must seek medical attention.

Shakespeare’s Law: Like as waves make towards the pebbl’d shore,
so does what goes up hasten to fall the more.

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  1. Sue Collins says:

    You are so entertaining and funny, plus you have given me wonderful care for my knee surgery for over 6 weeks! I am lucky to be married to one with such talent!

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