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Stormy Rainville


This is a video of the rain-chain next to our front door this evening.  We had almost four inches of rain in little over an hour here.  Wish we could have sent some of it to California, as a half-inch would have been more than enough for us.

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Would and Wouldn’t

I think that the person who wrote this piece for Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show deserves a raise, if not an Emmy.  I’m glad to share it.

As to Trump’s incomprehensible mention of double-negatives, the double-negative we are most familiar with is Trump himself.  Again, elections matter.  Don’t sit on your hands or in front of your screens, thinking that nothing will change no matter what you do.  Rather, act to preserve your future, because you are in the best position to do so and you have the most at stake.  Open your eyes and vote accordingly this fall and every election.

I spent over an hour today listening to Barack Obama deliver the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I cannot tell you how refreshing it was, hearing an American voice of reason and hope and cooperation, a leader who expressed our best ideals rather than appealing to our worst natures.

Wouldn’t you like a return to reason?  Wouldn’t you like a return to sanity?  I would.

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