Just a Zealous Guy

Inspired by LeBron James, I just managed to score a triple-double-bingo.  It was not without an assist: had my opponent not played PIN the previous turn, my ready-to-play seven-letter ZEALOUS would have had to find another spot.  Really, my opponent could not have done me a greater favor: my Z landed on a double-letter and the word landed on a triple-word and I was able to play all seven letters in my tray.  The 134 points are the most I ever scored in one play.  I know that tournament players do  much better than this, but for me it was like finding a two-dollar bill on the street.

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8 Responses to Just a Zealous Guy

  1. Eric says:

    Well, buddy . . . after seeing JINS (I could make up an acronym not suitable for a family-friendly & apolitical website such as this, and I foggily recall Djinns or something sorta like that as being “genies”, so gonna guess Arabic?) and VAKIL (no clue whatsoever), all that I can say is: good onya!

    I’ve been waiting lately for the Pirates to give me cause to shout “Yoi” or even “Double Yoi” – probably not in the database!

  2. CHC says:

    I did not play VAKIL or JIN (I don’t know what these are either!) but I did turn JIN into JINS. One never knows, until some time into the game, whether you are playing an opponent who uses some kind of tool to find words and optimize their play. I think VAKIL is a person who does just that. Or else he would be the Steelers’ next inside linebacker. Thank you for checking in, Eric.

  3. Rob says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this story, but this brings it to mind.

    • CHC says:

      ZANJERO! Sounds like the call one would make when one’s lawn dart makes a bullseye. Thanks for sharing the fun piece.

  4. Rick says:

    Isn’t that the exact same game as Words With Friends? That is what I play.

    • CHC says:

      Hi Rick — no, WWF has a different board layout — I tried it but just could not wrap my head around it (it’s like baseball with all the bases moved!) so I went back to traditional Scrabble. By the way, hope you enjoy your trip West!

  5. Pete says:

    Why is nobody mentioning Xu? Nobody pulls that one out of their hat without a game aid.

    • Craig says:

      Hey Pete — in the FB/EA version of Scrabble, the two-letter word list is next to the gameboard for all to see… but you are correct. I still don’t know what XU means.

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