Thoughts @ Large: 52

•  Tonight my wife asks me if I want anything besides the salad and barbecue sandwich.   I say no, just your undying love.  And world peace.

•  If wine tasted good enough in the first place (given its price), there would be no need for the proliferation of aeration and delivery devices that are supposed to make it taste better.  I say, just pour it and drink it, and if it’s not satisfying then it’s either the wine’s fault or you opened it too soon.

•  I like to hide puzzles in my writings and in my artwork, for others to ponder and solve.  But it never seems to occur to me that others may have neither the patience or inclination to solve them.  I can’t figure out why that might be — how puzzling.

•  I tire of film and television scenes in which male-female conflicts and/or arguments are resolved by the antagonists having sex.  Whose fantasies are being served here?

•  Your friends: they have seen you at your best and they have seen you at your worst and somehow they remain your friends.  I offer this as both a definition and a formation rule.

•  I was not quite eleven years old when the Beatles’ Please Please Me was a hit in the U.S.   It was a nostalgic re-listen for me the other day.  Here are its opening verses:

Last night I said these words to my girl,
I know you never even try girl.
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon
Please please me, oh yeah,
Like I please you.

You don’t need me to show the way, love.
Why do I always have to say “love,”
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon
Please please me oh yeah,
Like I please you.

I must say I was surprised how sexually suggestive the lyrics now seem.  Please Please Me was released in the U.S. more than two years before the Rolling Stones’ (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction, but on closer listen the Beatles were as every bit as plaintive as the Stones of the chronic and apparently painful hypertestosteronism suffered by post-adolescent men of that era.

•  Should I worry if my wife decides to serve me half a sweet potato for dessert?  I ask this hypothetically, mind you.  For a friend.

•  It’s tax season once again, so I went to Walgreens yesterday to ask for printouts of our 2017 prescription expenses.  The pharmacy had told me I could present my wife’s ID and pick up the printouts for both of us, but when I showed up, they had changed their minds.  They would only give me my own printout.  The tech explained that because my wife had not expressly authorized them to share her information with me, they could only give me my own printout.  I pointed out that I pick up her actual medications all the time at the Walgreens drive-in window without showing any ID.  No matter: I left half-empty-handed.

•  Potato-and-cauliflower dishes seem to be the in-thing for self-professed healthy eaters.   I can only agree — nothing like adding cauliflower to make one want to give up potatoes.

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3 Responses to Thoughts @ Large: 52

  1. Lynn rubenson says:

    Clever and funny as always, but not puzzling

  2. Toni says:

    Walgreen’s is covering their derierres by not giving you your wife’s printout. If someone else got hold of her prescription list, who knows what they could do with the info?
    Personally, I suppose I would rather they would do it this way if somehow, it would prevent identity theft……one never knows. My two cents worth :)

    • CHCollins says:

      Toni, thanks for reading and commenting. My main point was the inconsistency between Walgreens’ unwillingness to give me her prescription cost info but their willingness to give me her actual medicines without my presenting any ID.

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