Thoughts at Large: 43

• Saltines shouldn’t be salted on the top but the bottom, where our taste buds are.

• By the way, I want to register a formal complaint to the Attorney General about Nabsico, the company that makes Premium Saltines.  We have been getting lots of broken crackers  the past few months.  That was never a problem before Donald Trump was elected.  Sad!  Need to investigate!

• Judges (and attorney generals) are often called upon to “recuse themselves” when their personal interests may cloud their ability to make impartial judgments.  My issue is with the object of recuse: one cannot recuse another; a recuser can only recuse oneself, which renders the object of the verb redundant.

• Cars fail to start about 10,000 times more frequently in the movies than in real life.  Hollywood needs better car mechanics.

• Trees three styles.  From Hilton Head, South Carolina:

tree-three-styles• I have not been in many women’s restrooms — after all, it is illegal in North Carolina —  but I have to assume that they are not the nearly-universal disaster that men’s rooms tend to be, in all but the better establishments.  Why do so many men want to make such a mess of things?  Why do other men not only put up with it but expect it?  I intend to dedicate a future blog post to photos of public men’s rooms — without men, of course — in order to heap shame on both their users and their owners, if that is possible.

• When men stop trashing public restrooms, I might start trusting them to do things like, say, crafting health care legislation or acting as commander-in-chief.  Until then, I assume that what they do in the restroom reflects how they would act in more important matters.

• Please note how I showed excellent restraint by not using “piss on them” as a punchline in the previous item.  This is a family blog.

• A fair number of Trump supporters seem to be less interested in more education and more interested in Trump finding jobs for the less educated.  I hate to break it to you, but it looks like one of you already has the Secretary of Education job.  I’ll leave it at that.

• I support primary health care, but my last primary-care physician didn’t seem to want to deliver it.  She would triage me to specialists for things that I know a PCP should be able to handle, if only she were willing to work with me.  It was akin to calling a repair shop and saying, “My car won’t start” and getting the response, “OK, please hold — we need to refer you to a battery specialist.”  I didn’t know whom to blame, my insurer or my doctor or her malpractice insurer.   So I now have a new primary-care physician, and so far so good.

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