Open Letter to All Businesses

Dear Business:  Stop asking me about every single encounter I have had with you in the last six weeks!  I am NOT INTERESTED in responding to your emails and phone calls and giving you my contact information for you to enter in your database!  I have not given you any indication that I want a one-sided relationship with you that enables you — with no compensation for me! — to sell more of your product and make more money.  So read my post-consumer lips: I am not dying to let you know what I think of you.  If I do happen to buy your product again, you can consider that a sign of my interest.  Until then, get out of my LIFE and leave my inbox ALONE!

Thanks so much, Craig

P.S.  Oh yeah.  While you’re at it, bring your overseas profits back to the U.S. and pay the taxes you owe.  Then we can talk about how I need to support U.S. business.  Otherwise, the way I figure it, you are costing ME money.  But that’s the idea, right?

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