Thoughts at Large: 19

• If I owned a piece of land that jutted out into the water but had no place where a boat could land, I would call it Moot Point.

• His casual pleasure is my extravagance.  My sense of necessity is lost on you.

• We can live in a culture of violence, or we can choose something else.

• Readers of The 100 Billionth Person may have already suspected this: I do not exist between blog posts.  That’s right.  Minutes after each post, I suddenly evaporate into a quantum nothingness and only re-materialize days later when the universe reaches a point of critical boredom.

• Do you know what’s really awful about questions that are left hanging?

• I have not been and never will be a season-ticket-for-the-orchestra kind of guy.

• By the time I finally decide to start sending text messages, everyone else will have phones with implants that transmit audio and video messages directly to the brain.  Texting will be as outdated as The Tea Party is now.  The only life form that will understand and respond to r u ok will be an oak.

• There are two kinds of people in this world: those who kill spiders they find in their homes and those who let them go unless the spiders are really big or ugly, then they turn into the first kind of people.

• Shooting firearms for sport is an activity that satisfies man’s prehistoric hunger to launch projectiles.  I would not be surprised if men at the shooting range were found to salivate upon seeing that first bullet hit the target (that would be an interesting study).  There are far less violent ways for men to set an object in motion and follow its trajectory toward a target.  Here I would suggest golf.  In golf, unlike shooting, the projectile doesn’t create a hole — it quietly falls into a hole that is already there.  Eventually.

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