Elizabeth 3.219° S

There are special coordinates on this planet, namely 51.501° N and 0.143° W, where, if you were able to stop our globe from spinning and stab your finger on the spot, you would find an expectant mother whose morning sickness has become the fodder for news stories half-a-world away.  Of course, I certainly wish the Duchess of Cambridge well (as if Kate were able to receive any kind of wish from the likes of me) as do the breathless reporters who are already speculating whether Kate will name her child Elizabeth III.

But there are many other coordinates on our spinning globe where your finger could have stopped, such as 3.219° S and 26.581° E,  just a few degrees south of the Equator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  If a girl named Elizabeth is born there, the chances she will not celebrate her first birthday are 83 in 1000.  Luckily, on the island where Kate lives, some 55 degrees to the north and 25 degrees to the west, that statistic is 4 in 1000.

We have to remind ourselves not to allow the media to focus our attention on celebrities instead of those who might actually benefit from it.

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  1. Sue Collins says:

    Sadly true. How about something funny and uplifting for the holidays?

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